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Always sunny with marlin in the forecast!

Fishing Report: News & Updates

Gringo Dia Uno

March 30, 2021

1 big female striped marlin with many sightings while top water feeding resulting in some near misses...but we ALMOST always hit pay dirt! Got one!

Gringo Dia Dos

March 31, 2021

UNREAL DAY! 6 marlin hook ups at the same time. Landing 3 of the 6. Then a quick catch and release after for a total of 4 in our first few hours. Back in for breakfast and brunch! Boom!

Gringo Dia Tres

April Fools Day

Roberto worked his magic sight fishing with his x-ray goggles to make quick work of 2 out of 3 stripped marlin and back in by noon! Bang!

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